Why iLend?

Why choose iLend Financial Solutions for your Lending & Risk Management Needs?

01. We Work Towards Common Goals

With great rates and specialist repayment structures that allow you to rapidly reduce the years you spend owing money to the banks our advisory experts will make sure you’re on the most effective path to owning your home outright. With so much competition and hundreds of banks to chose from, it can be daunting to chose to chose the right home loan. When it comes to finding the right home loan there are over 800 different products on the market at any given time. Whether you’re after Wealth creation, Rental Income or capital growth, investing in a property could be a great way to build your wealth knowing what to look for and the potential issue in choosing the wrong loan can present to be a challenge. We will simplify your decision by addressing your concerns, needs and provide you with an effective strategy to match your lifestyle.

02. We Have Lending & Risk Expertise

iLend Financial Solutions have years of Lending experience. We aren’t aligned to any particular lender or product but will look into your specific case and find one that offers you the greatest benefit. The end result – You’re better off with iLend Financial Solutions because we go the Extra Mile. Going the extra mile is just part of the package when you choose iLend  Financial Solutions. We realise that organising finances are just part of the process of purchasing a property and that there are many other areas of concern and confusion. Our Advisory team is ready to go the extra mile and provide guidance on things outside the realm of finance

03. We Want To Hear Your Story

You’re not just a transaction to us Our clients mean the world to us and when you choose iLend Financial Solutions we take the time to understand your situation, your personal goals and your plans for the future Our loan structures are set up to give you flexibility as well as ensuring that future potential opportunities can be capitalised on when they arise. You can sit back and relax Trust us on this – on top of everything else you have to do arranging finance for your refinance, purchase or development and dealing with banks can be a very stressful process, especially if things don’t happen in quite the way you expect. The Finance Specialists at iLend Financial Solutions will take the stress out of the process for you.

04. We Are Masters Of Case Presentation

Presentation of your individual case is often the deciding factor on whether a lender’s credit assessment or Insurance Underwriter chooses to extend finance & insurance to you or not. iLend Financial Solutions has extensive experience in putting up the most difficult of cases in best light.


We’re helpful even when we can’t help We appreciate you coming to us regardless of the situation. Even in situations where we might not be able to help immediately we will take the time to explain exactly what your next steps should be to put you in a better position You’re always going to be better off with iLend Financial Solutions  

With iLend Financial Solutions you get the right advice and you get ahead. Simple.

Buying real estate is one of the biggest and most important decisions that you’re likely to make and it pays to make sure that things are done correctly from the beginning. Unlike with small jobs around your home doing a DIY job with your finances is guaranteed to cost you a fortune in extra interest and fee & charges. iLend Financial Solutions will walk you through each step of your lending needs, come up with available options and recommend several that will provide the best possible outcome for you. Our Business is built upon 4 core strengths, Experience, Expertise, Service and Trust. Lending might be confusing & complicated but with iLend Financial Solutions the outcome is simple – you will be better off for it. Speak to one of our Finance Specialists today.

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